How To Track Down The Owner of a Phone Number

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

ex: 555-555-5555

  • Are You Getting Spam Calls and Want to Know Who is Calling?

  • How do you find out who owns a phone number?

  • Noone wants to be pestered with unwanted phone calls, but unfortunately they are now a part of life, particularly with the economic climate as it stands.
    Companies are trying all sorts of different methods to get your custom.
    Of particular concern to many people is the cost involved in calling a number back - there's many a scam out there to get people to call back premium rate numbers.
    There's also other reasons for wanting to know who a phone number belongs to - maybe you are concerned your partner is playing away and take a sneaky look at their call log and would like to look them up.
    Either way, there's lots of reasons, and a reverse phone lookup can provide you with peace of mind.

    So what information is it possible to obtain based solely on a phone number?
    When it's done properly a reverse phone search can give you much more information than just a name or a company name.
    You can get information such as billing addresses, carrier of the service and sometimes more such as past criminal records, birth and death files, prior addresses, who their neighbors are, legal convictions etc.
    This information is collected by the companies who perform the searches and comes from telecommunications companies, public record archives, and other places.

    But I Can Find This Information Anywhere - Can't I?
    Maybe you are thinking that you could get this information just by grabbing your phone directory?
    Just try it - you'll find that the information is not organized in number order for starters, but also that there is generally no address information, just names.
    Another huge problem is that they don't have information on mobile numbers, which are generally where spam and unsolicited calls are now originating from.

    So Where Do I Find Out Who is Calling?
    You're probably wondering how much it costs to find out the information we're talking about.
    It's not expensive if you use a reputable company, plus you can be sure the information is provided quickly and accurately.
    Generally you'll find there are a number of options. A single search for one phone number, or for a little more money you can do as many lookups as you like for a set period, normally a year.
    This can add up to great value if you would be using this service regularly.

    OK, So Who Can Do This Lookup For Me?
    Our advice is to select a reputable agency to conduct your search. No doubt once you know how to lookup a phone number easily and quickly you'll use the service more often than you originally thought.
    It's suprising how often you can search for a number in the search engines and nothing comes up.
    At least this way you'll know for sure.

    ex: 555-555-5555

    We're starting to complile a database of known spam and marketing numbers and will publish them on this site shortly, plus any other comments that other visitors have provided about them.
    Hopefully this will help out a little and take away the stress of unsolicited calls.

    In the mean time above is a reputable provider of the lookup service described above.
    Simply type the number into the search and follow the instructions.
    If you have any doubts about their service just take a look at their FAQ.

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