Extended ASCII Table

There are well over 200 different "extended" (8 bit) versions of the ASCII character set.

Extended ASCII provides 256 characters, the extended part making up characters 128-255.
Various extended versions have been developed for different purposes such as to support proprietary technology, different alphabets, or simply to draw nice boxes on the screen.

Below is the CP437 (Code Page 437) version which was present on the original IBM PC, based on characters used in Wang word processing machines.

This particular set of extended ASCII characters are sometimes referred to as ALT Codes because in Windows it is possible to hold down the ALT key and type the 3 digit ASCII code on the number pad to output a character not physically present on the keyboard.

ASCII Code Char Description
128ÇLatin Capital Letter C With Cedilla
129üLatin Small Letter U With Diaeresis
130éLatin Small Letter E With Acute
131âLatin Small Letter A With Circumflex
132äLatin Small Letter A With Diaeresis
133àLatin Small Letter A With Grave
134åLatin Small Letter A With Ring Above
135çLatin Small Letter C With Cedilla
136êLatin Small Letter E With Circumflex
137ëLatin Small Letter E With Diaeresis
138èLatin Small Letter E With Grave
139ïLatin Small Letter I With Diaeresis
140îLatin Small Letter I With Circumflex
141ìLatin Small Letter I With Grave
142ÄLatin Capital Letter A With Diaeresis
143ÅLatin Capital Letter A With Ring Above
144ÉLatin Capital Letter E With Acute
145§Latin Small Letter Ae
146ÆLatin Capital Letter Ae
147ôLatin Small Letter O With Circumflex
148öLatin Small Letter O With Diaeresis
149òLatin Small Letter O With Grave
150ûLatin Small Letter U With Circumflex
151ùLatin Small Letter U With Grave
152ÿLatin Small Letter Y With Diaeresis
153ÖLatin Capital Letter O With Diaeresis
154ÜLatin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis
155¢Cent Sign
156£Pound Sign, Pound Sterling, Irish Punt, Lira Sign
157¥Yen Sign, Yuan Sign
158Peseta Sign
159ƒLatin Small Letter F With Hook, Florin Currency Symbol, Function Symbol
160áLatin Small Letter A With Acute
161íLatin Small Letter I With Acute
162óLatin Small Letter O With Acute
163úLatin Small Letter U With Acute
164ñLatin Small Letter N With Tilde, Small Letter Enye
165ÑLatin Capital Letter N With Tilde, Capital Letter Enye
166ªFeminine Ordinal Indicator
167ºMasculine Ordinal Indicator
168¿Inverted Question Mark, Turned Question Mark
169Reversed Not Sign, Beginning Of Line
170¬Not Sign, Angled Dash
171½Vulgar Fraction One Half
172¼Vulgar Fraction One Quarter
173¡Inverted Exclamation Mark
174«Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark, Left Guillemet, Chevrons
175»Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark, Right Guillemet
176Light Shade
177Medium Shade, Speckles Fill, Dotted Fill
178Dark Shade
179Box Drawings Light Vertical
180Box Drawings Light Vertical And Left
181Box Drawings Vertical Single And Left Double
182Box Drawings Vertical Double And Left Single
183Box Drawings Down Double And Left Single
184Box Drawings Down Single And Left Double
185Box Drawings Double Vertical And Left
186Box Drawings Double Vertical
187Box Drawings Double Down And Left
188Box Drawings Double Up And Left
189Box Drawings Up Double And Left Single
190Box Drawings Up Single And Left Double
191Box Drawings Light Down And Left
192Box Drawings Light Up And Right
193Box Drawings Light Up And Horizontal
194Box Drawings Light Down And Horizontal
195Box Drawings Light Vertical And Right
196Box Drawings Light Horizontal
197Box Drawings Light Vertical And Horizontal
198Box Drawings Vertical Single And Right Double
199Box Drawings Vertical Double And Right Single
200Box Drawings Double Up And Right
201Box Drawings Double Down And Right
202Box Drawings Double Up And Horizontal
203Box Drawings Double Down And Horizontal
204Box Drawings Double Vertical And Right
205Box Drawings Double Horizontal
206Box Drawings Double Vertical And Horizontal
207Box Drawings Up Single And Horizontal Double
208Box Drawings Up Double And Horizontal Single
209Box Drawings Down Single And Horizontal Double
210Box Drawings Down Double And Horizontal Single
211Box Drawings Up Double And Right Single
212Box Drawings Up Single And Right Double
213Box Drawings Down Single And Right Double
214Box Drawings Down Double And Right Single
215Box Drawings Vertical Double And Horizontal Single
216Box Drawings Vertical Single And Horizontal Double
217Box Drawings Light Up And Left
218Box Drawings Light Down And Right
219Full Block, Solid Block
220Lower Half Block
221Left Half Block
222Right Half Block
223Upper Half Block
224αGreek Small Letter Alpha
225ßLatin Small Letter Sharp S, Eszett
226ΓGreek Capital Letter Gamma
227πGreek Small Letter Pi
228ΣGreek Capital Letter Sigma
229σGreek Small Letter Sigma
230µMicro Sign
231τGreek Capital Letter Tau
232ΦGreek Capital Letter Phi
233ΘGreek Capital Letter Theta
234ΩGreek Capital Letter Omega
235δGreek Small Letter Delta
237φGreek Small Letter Phi
238εGreek Small Letter Epsilon
240Identical To
241±Plus-Minus Sign
242Greater-Than Or Equal To
243Less-Than Or Equal To
244Top Half Integral
245Bottom Half Integral
246÷Division Sign, Obelus
247Almost Equal To, Asymptotic To
248°Degree Sign
249Bullet Operator
250·Middle Dot, Interpunct
251Square Root, Radical Sign
252Superscript Latin Small Letter N
253²Superscript Two, Squared
254Black Square
255Non-Breaking Space, NBSP

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